How to upgrade the firmware of a Canon EOS DSLR camera

Since a new firmware (1.1.4) came out for the Canon EOS 6D, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a video about how to upgrade the firmware on a Canon DSLR camera. Each camera and upgrade could be a little different, so do make sure you read the instructions, but this should be pretty standard.

Some important things to consider:
1) Read the instructions that come with the file.
2) Always make sure you have a full battery. If the battery goes off mid-way, you risk bricking your camera (i.e. turning it into an expensive brick).
3) Some firmware updates have a limit for how large a memory card you can use for this. For the 6D 1.1.4 they recommend 64GB or smaller, but some other firmwares might even be 32GB.

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