In this video, Matt Granger from PhotoNewsReviews/ThatNikonGuy does a hands-on review of the Red Epic cinema camera, along with the Monochrome and the Scarlet. The current version can do 5k video, with an upgradable sensor coming along shortly at 6k video. Supporting both PL and EF lenses through an adapter while retaining full auto-focus, this is a very popular option for HDSLR shooters looking for an upgrade in image quality. Not only is the resolution superb, but the image quality is incredible, along with the colour depth and dynamic range. The performance in high ISO is also excellent, so a great video camera if you have the budget for it.

And if you’re not convinced you need 5k or 6k video yet, you can bring the footage down to 1080p to get an even more impressive video, and you can keep the 5k/6k raw files in case you want to make a 4k version in the future.