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Studio JPIC 2013 Year in Review and 2014 Preview

In this video, I do a recap of what I have been up to in 2013 and what’s to come in 2014. If you hover over any video, a link should appear to bring you to it in a new window.

Happy New Year everyone!

Quick Tip: Remove background noise in Adobe Audition from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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In this video, I show how to remove background noise in Adobe Audition by starting the process in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.  After a few times, you can go through this in 2-3 minutes, and it will improve the audio quality of your videos tremendously.

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Yamaha Clavinova CLP 370 PE demo

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP 370 PE is the piano you can hear me play in some of my videos.  The quality of the sound is quite grandiose, and the feeling and responsiveness of the keys feel quite natural.  In this video from April 17, 2011, I do a quick demonstration of the different voices or sound banks from this piano.

Description from YouTube:

Quick demo of the different voices (sound banks) available on the Clavinova CLP 370. I will show the different voices available, as well as how you can combine them or split the keyboard with different voices.

This was filmed using a Canon EOS T2i and the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens, and the Zoom H4n for the audio. I used Adobe Premiere to sync up the audio to the video.