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Tutorials involving hardware

Apple iPhone 4S how to install a SIM card

In this video, I show how to add, remove, or change the SIP card from an Apple iPhone 4S. It’s very easy to do, and should only take about 10 seconds.

Apple Care iPhone 4S broken (stuck) power button warranty experience

In this video I discuss how Apple handled the exchange of my iPhone 4S through their extended warranty.

I called in on Thursday, I received the box on Monday through a carrier who sent the phone right-away, then on Friday I had the phone back. So basically a bit more than a week from when I called to when I got the phone back, and I was only phone-less from Monday noon until Friday noon.

Big Cameras Make you look MORE Pro!?

In this video, Dom Bower discusses the importance, or not, of the size of a camera.

Advanced Portrait Composition advice.

In this video, Dom Bower discusses advanced portrait composition

Headshot photography tip: Using a reflector / bounce card

In this video, Dom Bower shows us how to use a reflector or bounce card for headshot portraits.

14bit RAW VIDEO from canon 5d mark 3: Magic lantern awesomeness

In this video, Dom Bower discusses the upcoming update to Magic Lantern: 14bit RAW video. This update will allow RAW on a wide variety of Canon cameras, even the T2i, but at a lower resolution.

Pimped out cameras and lenses, Cool?

In this video, Dom Bower discusses the pimped out cameras.

Property Photography Tips: Interior shots, 1 Camera + 1 Flash

In this video, Dom Bower gives more tips on interior photography, focusing on how to enhance a photo using fill flash.

Photography Tips for Property Interiors

In this video, Dom Bower shares many great tips for photographing properties.

Secret to Perfectly SMOOTH Panning and Tracking

In this video, Dom Bower shows how to do some very smooth panning and tracking.