Find the No Parallax Point on a Nodal Ninja NN4 with RD16-II for better panoramic photos

In this video, I show how to find the No Parallax Point (NPP) which is sometimes called Nodal Point, which helps you take better panoramic photos which will stich together with less errors.

The panoramic head I’m using in this video is the Nodal Ninja NN4 with RD/16-II rotator, which I find works quite well, although this technique should work with other brands and models also.

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Jean-Pierre La Forest

Photographer / Videographer at Studio JPIC
Jean-Pierre La Forest is a photographer and videographer based out of Florenceville-Bristol, NB, Canada. JP specializes in commercial and tourism photography and videography, where he helps businesses, artists, and towns to market themselves. He also teaches the art of photography on his YouTube channel and blog. You can reach him on

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