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Processing a Timescape video taken from RAW images using Adobe AE and Premiere Pro CS6

In this video, I show how I create my timescape videos (timelapse + landscape = timescape) from RAW images using Adobe After Effects to do the colour correction, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This is the simplest workflow I could find.

NOTE: I hear that Adobe CC CS7.0 will improve the processing speed of ATI cards, looking forward to that upgrade!

RAW images are a bit more work than working from .jpeg, but they offer you more flexibility in post-production. I’ll do another video to cover the RAW vs JPEG advantages and disadvantages.

Beginner Mistake: Stupid Vignette

In this video, Dom Bower shows us how a badly done vignette can ruin a photo.

Face symmetry: Gimp Tutorial

In this video, Dom Bower gives us a Gimp tutorial while showing us how our faces are not as symmetric as we think!