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Support TF FM Trasmitter for iPhone, iPod, iPad

In this video, I do a review of a Support TF FM Trasmitter for iPhone, iPod, iPad, I received from Banggood.

For more information about this FM Transmitter, visit the Banggood store: http://goo.gl/mpacBX

FM transmitters have improved quite a lot over the last 15 years or so, and this Support TF FM Transmitter for iPhone, iPod, and iPad provides quite a nice clear sound and was very easy to setup. I just plugged it into my iPhone and iPod, set my car and sound system to the right FM frequency, and everything worked flawlessly.

Apple iPhone 4S how to install a SIM card

In this video, I show how to add, remove, or change the SIP card from an Apple iPhone 4S. It’s very easy to do, and should only take about 10 seconds.

Apple Care iPhone 4S broken (stuck) power button warranty experience

In this video I discuss how Apple handled the exchange of my iPhone 4S through their extended warranty.

I called in on Thursday, I received the box on Monday through a carrier who sent the phone right-away, then on Friday I had the phone back. So basically a bit more than a week from when I called to when I got the phone back, and I was only phone-less from Monday noon until Friday noon.