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How to upgrade your Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 apps to Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud CC is finally here, and in this video I will show how you can upgrade from Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 to Adobe CC.

This way you can have access to the CC version (a.k.a. CS 7.0) of your favourite Adobe applications: Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Speed Grade, Audition, Illustrator, and also Adobe Lightroom 5.0

Processing a Timescape video taken from RAW images using Adobe AE and Premiere Pro CS6

In this video, I show how I create my timescape videos (timelapse + landscape = timescape) from RAW images using Adobe After Effects to do the colour correction, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. This is the simplest workflow I could find.

NOTE: I hear that Adobe CC CS7.0 will improve the processing speed of ATI cards, looking forward to that upgrade!

RAW images are a bit more work than working from .jpeg, but they offer you more flexibility in post-production. I’ll do another video to cover the RAW vs JPEG advantages and disadvantages.

Quick Tip – How to output an Adobe Premiere Elements video to YouTube

In this video, I show how to output an Adobe Premiere Elements video to a format that’s YouTube friendly.

Until I upgraded to CS6, Adobe Premiere Elements is what I used for my videos. It is a great tool which allows you to do some very amazing things, but it took me a lot of experimenting before I got exporting videos right. Here I show my workflow when exporting videos.

Later this week I will most likely post a video on how to do the same in Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe Media Encoder.