Adobe SpeedGrade CC 7.1 New and Improved Workflow with October 2013 update

In this video, I show the new and improved workflow for Adobe SpeedGrade which now allows you to very quickly color grade your projects to improve the colours.

Ever since SpeedGrade came out, I always considered it as a great tool for the future. It has always been a very powerful colour grading tool, but you had to convert your video files which would take forever on my computer. I tried converting a 2 minute video in the beginning, and it gave me an 8 hour estimate, so I just clicked cancelled.

Thankfully Adobe fixed that, and you can now natively open Adobe Premiere Pro timelines right into Adobe SpeedGrade, and skip the conversion. It now takes a few seconds to open a timeline in SpeedGrade, and about 2 seconds to save the results once you’re done. After that, you’re all set to open Adobe Premiere and compose the output of your video.

This gives you quick and easy access to a very powerful color correction tool, and is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

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