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Exposure tip, for how to shoot a sunrise panoramic

In this video, Dom Bower shows how to expose for a sunrise panoramic image.

Exposure Compensation explained

In this video, ThatNikonGuy explains exposure compensation.

What is Pixel Peeping & why you SHOULD do it.

In this video, Dom Bower discusses the utility of Pixel Peeping, something I strongly recommend doing whenever you get a new piece of equipment.

Killing a GoPro Hero 2

In this video, Dom Bower shows you how he broke his GoPro Hero 2, but also how he had it brought back alive.

How to clean a camera lens

In this video, ThatNikonGuy shows you how to clean a camera lens safely.

Rocketfish Carbon Fiber Tripod with fluid head RF-TRP65 review

In this video, I do a review of the features of the Rocketfish Carbon Fiber Tripod, which comes with a fluid head.  When I went shopping for Black Friday sales, I didn’t even know the existence of Rocketfish.  Like most shoppers, I was going to see the deals on Manfrotto, Gitzo, 3 Legged Things, etc.

But once I saw the quality, the price and the features, I was sold on this great tripod from Rocketfish.  It’s relatively cheap, can support up to 17.6 lbs, has a fluid head for videos, can take photos in both landscape and portrait orientations, and it’s almost as tall as I am.

Yong Nuo YN 160 LED Video Light

In this video, I do a review of the Yongnuo YN 160 Pro LED Video Light. I got the model with the reflective barndoors, which allow to sculpt the light better.

I will be posting another video shortly to demonstrate the intensity of the light, but so far I am quite amazed. Just as any other light, though, it would probably work better if I had some sort of diffuser.

In this video, I do a demonstration of the Yongnuo YN 160 Pro LED Video Light.

With the T2i at 720p60, I usually set my camera at ISO 800 and 1/60sec shutter speed. With a 500W work light reflecting off the wall, I can use an aperture of around f/2.0 to f/2.4.

Using the YN 160 directly gives much more brightness, but it does blow off the highlights on some spots of the skin, so I would probably need some sort of diffuser.

Light tent cube Photo Softbox Unboxing 20 inch 50 cm

In this video, I unbox a light tent I bought from a Chinese company on E-Bay. At the end I show examples of a product picture before and after using the light tent to diffuse my YN-560 II flash.

After I have more experience with it, I will do a demonstration and review of it. But basically you can use it to diffuse light coming from any light source: flash, continual light, sun, regular light bulbs, etc. I would be careful with work lights because of the heat though.

With the 4 coloured backgrounds, you can quickly change the background of your product photography, or you can quickly edit it out of your photo. I would have preferred a green screen colour to make it disappear, but you could easily buy or create one yourself.

Link to this product on EBay:

Photo Softbox Light Tent Cube Studio Soft Shooting Box 20″ 50cm + 4 Backdrops

Quick Tip – How to place a lapel or lavalier microphone

In this video, I show how to place a lapel or lavalier microphone to prevent wind noise coming from a talent’s breathing.

How to test a DSLR camera lens

In this video, I show the tests I do to a lens when I receive it. From ISO 12233 tests to focus tests, without forgetting IS, aperture.  This ensures that your lenses are working properly.