How to take your first DSLR photos in Auto mode – Photo Tutorial 101 Take Control – Episode 9

In this episode, I show how to take a photo in full automatic mode. A lot of pros would say that only Manual / Av / Tv modes should be used, and they would be partly right, but everyone has to start somewhere, and I believe full auto mode is the best place to start to get acquainted with a DSLR camera.

In future videos I will show how to go beyond auto, but full automatic mode is definitely a good place to begin until someone is ready for the next steps.

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Jean-Pierre La Forest

Photographer / Videographer at Studio JPIC
Jean-Pierre La Forest is a photographer and videographer based out of Florenceville-Bristol, NB, Canada. JP specializes in commercial and tourism photography and videography, where he helps businesses, artists, and towns to market themselves. He also teaches the art of photography on his YouTube channel and blog. You can reach him on

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