onOne DSLR Camera Remote Pro Introduction

Description from YouTube:

In this video I introduce the onOne DSLR Camera Remote Pro software for the iPhone. Since I don’t have an iPad yet, I can’t review the iPad version, but its basically the same thing with a nicer larger screen.

The DSLR Camera Remote Pro app turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote monitoring and remote control system for your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. Hook up your camera to a computer or laptop, run the onOne Software DSLR Camera Remote Server, and control your camera wirelessly with your iPhone or iPad.

Check out this amazing tool at www.ononesoftware.com

Don’t forget to visit our blog at www.studiojpic.com

If you would like to test it out before you purchase it, they also offer a free (crippled) version.

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This video was filmed with the Canon EOS T2i and an EF 50mm f/1.8 lens.
The audio was captured using the Neewer lapel microphone and the Zoom H4n.
Focusing done with the onOne DSLR Camera Remote Pro for iPhone.
Lighting done by bouncing off a work lamp on the wall, though sadly you can see some reflection in my glasses.

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