This is my first Do-it-yourself video.  Posted on December 4th, 2011, this video shows how to build your own adapter to attach your iPhone 4S to a tripod.  Since this video, I added the Velcro directly to a cheap camera case I bought just for this purpose, and it makes the rig much more solid.

Description from YouTube:

Very simple Do-it-yourself iPhone 4S tripod adapter.  In this example I use a mini tripod, or table tripod, but you can use any tripod with a standard 1/4″ 20 thread screw.

Alternatively, you could put the Velcro fasteners on a case if you’re iffy about gluing anything to your iPhone.  You can also put the Velcros anywhere else you might want to attach your iPhone.


Bracket: Brace, CRNR Zinc HD 2×5/8″ – 0.99$
Wing Nut 1/4″ 20-thread: 0.39$
Fasteners, Quare White 7/8″, 12 per pack – 4.59$ total or – 0.38$ each

Total: 5.97$ if you include everything, or 1.76$ if you take the unit cost of the Velcro fasteners.

Prices are in Canadian dollars from a local Home Depot.  I’m sure in larger cities you could find better deals if you look around.

Video filmed with a Canon T2i with 50mm f/1.8 lens at f/2.8, 1/60, 400-ISO.
Sound captured with Zoom H4n using built-in mics.