I bought this Neewer lapel microphone off ebay at 2.88$ including shipping and taxes in Canada, and I was quite amazed by the sound quality it produces.  I highly recommend you watch my review and see, or rather hear, for yourself.

If you are interested in buying one, you can support us by using the following link to the eBay auction: Neewer lapel microphone (eBay link)

Description from YouTube:

In this video, I do a review of the Neewer Lavalier Microphone I bought from ebay at 2.88$ CDN including shipping and taxes.

My first thoughts revolved about if this deal was too good to be true, but after reading and watching some reviews, I decided to take the gamble, and try out this super cheap lapel microphone.

I’m very amazed by the results so far, except for a few caviats I discuss in this video. But if you control the environment you record in, you can achieve great cheap results.