For more information about the Rapoo e9070 Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard, visit the Banggood store:

In this video, I do a review of the Rapoo e9070 Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard. I was sent this product for review by Banggood, and I am very pleased with it.

It’s slim, doesn’t weight a lot, and looks great. And best of all, it works great too. I just plugged it in the USB wireless transceiver in my computer, waited a few seconds for the computer to recognize it, turned on the keyboard, and it was good to go.

What amazed me is how responsive it is. When you press a key, it appears on the screen right-away, and it doesn’t miss any keystrokes. I had tried a wireless keyboard in the past, and even some Bluetooth keyboards recently, and was disappointed by their low accuracy. But this Rapoo seems to be working great, and maybe the 2.4Ghz is what’s helping it out. The 10m range (about 30 feet) is quite nice, and the 24 month (2 year) battery life on two AAA batteries is quite nice also.

The only downside I see is very minor: it doesn’t have any LED indicators for caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock. It’s not a major issue, especially if your laptop or computer displays it on the screen when you press those keys, but thought I’d point it out in case anyone has strong feelings about it.

I will personally use it for my media computer in the living room. I have a laptop connected to the TV which I use to watch Netflix and YouTube videos if I want to see them on a larger screen. Having a wireless keyboard means I will be able to type in the searches from the comfort of my chair.