In this video I show how to upgrade the Zoom H6 firmware.

Version 1.10 brings two new features:

  1. A fix to the SD card test, which allows you to check and make sure your SD cards are working properly.
  2. A volume control for the line out, which allows you to send the audio over to a DSLR or other camera while recording.

Version 2.0 introduces the following new features:

  1. Supported XYH-5 (XY Stereo Mic).
  2. Added MS Matrix function to input 1/2 and 3/4.
  3. Added SOLO mode.
  4. Added sound marker function on starting and stopping recording.
  5. Added monitor function in menu of ‘Lo Cut’ and ‘Comp/Limiter’.
  6. Bug fix: ‘Month’ of Origination Date of BWF format is recorded one month late.

1. Download the H6 System Software from Zoom NA:

2. Next, copy the system file in the root directory of the SD card, and insert the card in the Zoom H6 recorder.

3. Turn the power button while holding the play/pause button, and the H6 asks if you want to upgrade.

4. Select yes, wait until the upgrade finishes installing, and the upgrade is over.

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